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Asociatia ACS Mama Natura


NGO website & Identity

Working for a cause you believe in is not working

This is a passion project where we put our skills to the test together with Ansa Group to shape the ideas and mindset of a non-governmental organisation set out to change the world

Their goal was to enable communities to unite around ideals of air quality monitoring, reforestation and sustainable living alternatives for the masses.

Light & Modern Website

The website needed to be light and pleasing to the diverse community forming around the association. From engineers, architects and green energy scientists to farmers and cattle ranchers, everyone could easily understand and use it.

Bold Identity

We worked together with the association to create an unique visual style, logo and stationary for their use in interactions with association members, government and private entities.

Awareness of their cause increased

More members were contacting the association for support and discussions for partnership and sponsorship were more easily set-up having a professional online presence.

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Traffic Increase
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More Volunteers

Ecommerce & Marketing

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Social Media

We helped create all the social media accounts so the association could disseminate information about ongoing actions and their cause more easily.

Online Donations

Enabling online donations and payments through classic payment processors but also Bursa Binelui.


It is important to select the right host that provides fast website loading times and low latency.


Monitoring and reporting interactions on social media and on the website helps the association determine the impact of their actions


Helping the association use tools and procedures to ensure their organic growth.