Dot Tehnic SRL


Corporate website & Identity

Work hard and advertise

We find a lot of customers who do a really great job, and we help them present their services in a professional manner to a wider audience. From logo, website and stationary, every bit of work put into crafting a crisp digital image pays off tenfold.

Your customers will not take much time to draw a first impression. Don’t leave your website redesign for next year, technology has already reached young and old, who expect and demand a professional website that is easy to use.

One Page Layout

We chose this design to showcase that it’s possible to create a professional website as a one-page scrolling canvas. 

Using anchors for every category, interaction with the website is easy.

Bold Identity

Our copywriting team worked closely with our client’s marketing department to showcase the full range of services and made it appealing to request a free consultation session on the website.

Sales increase

Having a professional web presence, stationary and business cards helped increase sales and offer acceptance in no time. Dot Tehnic was now in a league of it’s own on the local market in Cluj.

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Sales Increase
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Faster deal closure

Online Store

From a simple HTML web-site, Dot Tehnic is now planning to open an online shop.


The stationary and offer template created by us helped seal an important deal that was stalling before.


When networking there may be only a short window of opportunity to create the right impression of yourself and your business. Make sure you are prepared for the big opportunity, it may just be around the corner.


When you have the right digital tools, expansion and increased sales come easily, as you can integrate to multiple platforms like eMAG, Amazon in the blink of an eye.